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Return to the MMORPG that started it all...

Play OldSchool RuneScape Classic on your mobile device! Anywhere at any time!

Hundreds of other players have already started playing, why wouldnt you?

  • Ever heard someone talk about the 'old days' and wonder what they were really like? Find out!
  • See what the old 'wilderness' was like!
  • Defeat the almighty Elvarg all over again...
  • Try out the glorius three hit combat!
  • Level up and complete all the Free and Members quests!
  • Play anywhere with your mobile device!

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How to Sign up & Play OldSchool RuneScape Classic

Installation - Mobile Devices and Tablets:

  • 1. Navigate to the Privacy & Security section on your Android settings and select "Security".
  • 2. Check "Unknown sources (Allow installation of non-Google Play apps)". This will allow you to play apps from outside the Google Play Store.
  • 3. Click the download link below and execute the APK installer.

Download - Android

Installation - Desktop:

Latest version of Java is required, install Java at

Download - Desktop

Character Creation:

1. After opening the game, select "New User", choose your name and password and get started!

2. You can manage your account, or create additional linked characters by logging in at with your username and password and navigating to "Character manager".

Who are we?

RSCRevolution is a free cross-platform app that lets you play RuneScape on your desktop computer, mobile device, or tablet. We are the longest-running, most updated and stable version of Oldschool RuneScape Classic. We offer all classic Runescape content free of charge, from Dragon Slayer to Underground Pass and beyond, with permanent free members access for all characters so you can experience the full game the way it was meant to be played. Our small but dedicated team releases regular updates and content faithful to the spirit of the original game, including hundreds of additions and innovations that JAGeX missed but we couldn't possibly live without. We have hundreds of active players at any given moment, and hundreds of new registrations every day with 60,000 player registrations and counting with no bots allowed! As the first oldschool community to offer a free app that runs on your PC or mobile device, we've revolutionized the way the old RuneScape online browser game can be played: at home, at work, or on the go on our applet optimized for tablet or droid devices. That's why thousands of fans of the original oldschool RuneScape Classic have called us home since 2014.

What is RuneScape?

In 2001, a young Java programmer named Andrew Gower and his brothers released a online browser game that would change our lives forever. A web applet called "RuneScape", it was the first MMORPG of its kind to allow players from all over the world to adventure through a medieval fantasy world together from their web browsers. With regular updates from the Gowers' small but dedicated team, JAGeX, the world of RuneScape expanded to offer a vast array of quests, monsters to fight, player interactions and battles, and skills like mining or fishing. In 2004, however, JAGeX released RuneScape 2 and discontinued updates or support for the original game which was renamed "RuneScape Classic", "RSC", or "Old RuneScape". In 2013, RuneScape 3 was released, and in 2016 JAGeX was sold to Shandong Hongda, a massive construction and mining company, leaving many fans wondering if the legacy of RSC had been forgotten, or if they would ever get a chance to relive the nostalgia of the indie sprite-based 2D/3D-isometric breakaway success they had grown up playing.